SCENA Nurse & Nurse Leader of the Year Award

Nurse of the Year


Nurse Leader of the Year Award

Do you know a nurse or a nurse leader that demonstrates exemplary practice. Nominate them for the Nurse of the Year Award or the Nurses Leader of the Year Award. Winning participants will: Receive a certificate Award at an Annual SCENA event. Win a 1 year paid membership to the ENA.  Receive state recognition with mention on SCENA state Facebook page and official website.

Nominations accepted Starting January 2023

2022 Nurse Leader of the Year:
Kelly Pollard, MHA, BSN, RN, CEN

2022 Nurse of the Year:
Brett Jacobs, BSN, RN
2021 Nurse Leader of the Year:
Roberta Dawson, MSN, BA, RN, CEN

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