About Us

About Us

Here at ENA, our mission is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice. We envision our self to be the global emergency nursing resource and advocate for Safe Practice and Safe Care.

Our values, derived from the vision of our co-founders Judith Kelleher and Anita Dorr, guide our priorities.

We value:

  • The inclusion and contributions of nursing in collaboration with healthcare partners to explore solutions to the challenges of emergency care delivery
  • Compassion as an essential element of the emergency nursing profession
  • And embrace inclusion and diversity in all interactions and initiatives
  • The team-based delivery of resources that meet the highest quality standards of excellence for patients and emergency nurses
  • Lifelong learning and a culture of inquiry for the discovery, translation and integration of evidenced-based research into emergency nursing practice
  • Our Code of Ethics and adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity
  • The spirit of philanthropy which allows the advancement of the profession of emergency nursing and improving the lives of patients throughout the world.

And we place the highest value on our members for their contributions to the care of patients and their families, the emergency nursing profession, and our organization.

Strategic Plan Goals and Vision for 2021-2025

Membership Recruitment, Engagement and Retention

  • Increase member totals and sustain a total greater than 800 members monthly
  • Promote member engagement and participation at the local and state levels
  • Promote meeting attendance through social media advertisement
  • Meeting giveaways or incentives to attend (optional) and promote membership
  • Membership campaign and Chapter Challenge yearly
  • Engage ED managers and nursing students to join ENA
  • Promote certification in the emergency nursing specialties

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

  • Raise $5000 + for ENA’s Foundation State Challenge a name a scholarship
  • Chapters to encourage giving at local meetings to ENAF
  • Chapters are encouraged to pledge an amount to state for annual ENAF giving
  • Chapters are encouraged to adopt and support charities in their local area

Annual State Achievement Award

  • Meet minimum guidelines to apply including all official regulatory filings and all reporting deadlines.         
  • Complete all local and state elections by September 30th
  • Review application components: all state and chapter leaders play a part
  • Maintain submitted chapter and state reports and records in Google drive or the new software that ENA will be launching in the spring of 2021

Leadership Succession Planning and Engagement

  • Foster leadership development and deliver orientation for new leaders yearly
  • Develop guidelines or procedures needed to assist with orientation and make accessible to new officers.  
  • Solicit member engagement to attend ENA events and serve as delegates
  • Budgeted financial support for elected officers attending SCLO; SCENA SOPs covers reimbursement for 4 state officers and one officer per chapter to attend. Chapters encourage and support additional officers and leaders as permitted by registration requirements.  
  • Budgeted financial support for selected GA delegates/alternate per allotment; SCENA SOPs cover reimbursement and may be revised yearly as necessary.
  • Engage emerging professionals to join ENA and engage in member activities
  • Foster Leadership in Chair positions with a strategic goal for each committee.
  • Promote mentorship in chair positions 
  • Encourage each chapter president to elicit their members to join one of our state committees.
  • Develop a plan to have a conference call every other month with new chapter officers

​Maintain Effective Communication with Members

  • Update our communication and social media platforms
  • Communicate official state meeting and educational opportunities
  • Launch virtual meeting options for state and local chapters in 2020
  • Update state website page to include all state and chapter meeting schedules
  • Communicate with members regarding ENAF and SCENA academic and conference scholarships opportunities

Promote and Provide Educational Opportunities

  • Communicate and advertise educational opportunities via social media platforms and meeting minutes
  • Plan and provide at least one state educational event yearly and promote chapter events
  • Engage and maintain instructors to teach ENA courses to members
  • Community outreach; conduct injury prevention and safety public education

Advocacy Awareness and Engagement

  • Promote and communicate federal and state healthcare legislative activities and opportunities to members to engage including joining EN411
  • Support members to attend ENA’s Day on the Hill in Washington, DC, SCENA SOP’s cover reimbursement for approved attendees per allotment
  • Advise members of current healthcare legislative issues and promote engagement in advocacy activities
  • To continue to be a SCENA liaison to the SC EMS Advisory Board. 





Reviewed and approved 01.03.24